Thrive & Shine!

(A Full or Half Day Immersion to help you Break Out, Break Through and Break Free of everything thats making you life Harder, Duller and Darker than it should be)

I believe life is far too short to spend it STRUGGLING through every day!


Tell the truth...

Do you sometimes find yourself looking in the mirror and feel like you want to cry because the refection looking back at you looks so soft round the middle, so saggy in the face and stares back at you with dull, lifeless eyes?

Do you find yourself asking "Is this it? Is this all I can expect of my body from now on?"

Have you started to dread getting in the shower because you have to look at your body

Getting dressed EVERY DAY in case your clothes feel even tighter today than they did last week and having sex...

Well if you do feel a little bit flirty (which isn't often)  all you get is a 'quick one' no foreplay, no caresses, no real intimacy just a sense of 'duty done' and 'getting it over with'?

Do you find yourself asking "Is this it?

Is my life just going to be about solving problems and dealing with stress from now on?"

Is illness, restriction or physical pain making you feel older than your years, limited and left out of so many of the things you used to LOVE doing?

Do you find yourself asking "Is this it? Am I just supposed to live with the pain, discomfort, restriction and weakness from now on?"


Or may be you just feel totally fed up and knackered, like your energy has been zapped,  along with your motivation to move, laugh, sing, dance and be the you, you used to be, not all that long ago.

This is certainly not what you envisioned your life to be 20 or 30 years ago is it?

"Is this it?


And the truth is, the answer is it could very well be... if you keep on addressing your health, your relationships, your money, your body and your confidence the way you have been!

After all, as the saying goes, If Nothing Changes Then Nothing Changes, right?

If this is how it is for you now, imagine what its going to be like in 5, 10 or 15 years time.


Picture yourself in a a bigger dress size or two,  increased pain in the joints, wanting to move less because it hurts, lower self confidence going out less, staying indoors more with food of a drink to keep you company!

And in 10 years time you may well find yourself asking


"How did it get so bad?"

Another great question!


Social conditioning of Roles, and our own conditional, unwritten expectations of ourselves and others.

We grow up and watch how our parents behave around us and each other, we pick up the 'rules' of the roles of being a Mum, Daughter, Sister, Father, Brother, Breadwinner, Homemaker and without even realising it we replicate them in our own lives (even though we swore we wouldn't, we have morphed into our parents!)

This is the stuff you get to unravel and re-write in our special VIP day.


We put these crazy conditions on what we find acceptable in ourselves and others and we don't question if thats really what we want or what works for us.


What do I mean?

Things like what we 'should' weigh, how often we 'ought to' have sex, how many children we 'must' have, what job or career we are 'expected to' excel in.

We then build our daily lives around the strive and struggle to conform.

Think about how many times you have said "I must", "I should" & "I ought to" today?


Now add to that how often we all comparing ourselves and our lives with every one elses thanks to technology and we are setting ourselves up for chronic stress and pressure to 'fit it'!


  • We force our bodies to look a certain way, following one size fits all diet & exercise programs.
  • We beat ourselves up with our own words if our body lets us down by not producing the 'goods'.
  • We allow others to put us down if we don't get the job or promotion or don't provide a certain standard of living.
  • We accept all this pressure from our communities, families and ourselves as normal, and then we wonder why our mind and body starts to complain, and not comply!


Our weight seems to have a mind of its own, our hormones appear to be taking the piss, and our hair & skin lose their sheen.

Suddenly we look and feel OLD

All because we care so much what others think, we fall into the trap of following the 'rules' of society to fit in.


Even though they made you unhappy, even though they made you lose your self-confidence, even though they sap your energy and love of living.


 It doesn't HAVE to happen to you!

This is why I am excited and delighted to  offer the option of a full or half VIP Day where I will be taking you through how YOU can avoid all of the above,  by going through the simple shifts in thinking and language that can help you stop that future image becoming your reality.


The VIP day is designed to fast track you through the first few weeks of the Thrive not Strive Coaching program

Or to help you push through a tricky issue that you feel is halting your ability to stop striving and start thriving.


We will go through the 3 R's the Roles, Rules & Routines that are keeping you stuck in your current rut,

The 4 S' es and how you can easily instigate with some really simple changes in your thinking, behaviour and the words you use.


You will also learn 5 ways to take control of your energy and haywire hormones and treat your body with kindness, crucial to help your brain and body align.

Which is one of the reasons we finish our time together in the pool or spa.

You get to treat your body with kindness in real time, as well as getting in some quality rest & relaxation, the importance of which you will have learned all about throughout the day.

By the end of our day you will leave knowing

How to step into a new life of your own design

How to enjoy living with a new energy.

How to THRIVE not strive.


Or you could choose to relax and stay overnight depending on the venue!


When & Where

 Date: By arrangement  

Full Day : 9.30am-6.30pm

Half Day: 2.00pm - 6.30pm

Venues North: Northampton. NN12 8WP

Venues South: London /Brighton Venues 



Full Day £800

Half Day £450



A quick start to your Thrive not Strive Mind, Body & Lifestyle Transformation

Getting clear on whats stopping you from Thriving & what you can do about it

Lunch and practical relaxation techniques plus use of the Hotel Facilities

A Q & A's session and reflections on the day

Your personal plan to move forward and enjoy thriving not striving through life.


This is for you:

If you are the kind of person who feels life should be easier as you get older, not harder

If you are tired out and fed up of feeling tired out and fed up and are now ready to do something about it

If you are being offered medication to help you to feel better,  but you know don't want that,  yet you aren't sure what to do instead

If you want to love your body and finally be comfortable in it instead of feeling its conspiring against you

If you are someone who is open to getting curious about themselves and changing a life time of thinking thats no longer helpful to you


Its not for you:

If you want a 'done for you quick fix' handed to you with an instruction book and money back guarantee

If you believe your health and happiness is down to other people, not you

If you are a person who needs data and proof of every idea and concept before you are willing to give it a try

If you're a person who 'knows it all' already but isn't prepared to put any of what you know into action

If you just want a day out, a spa and a nice dinner!


If you are ready to spend quality time with me as your coach in a quality establishment lets have a chat.

Book a strategy call here 


I look forward to spending some time with you.


Vicky xx