Fancy a total mind & Body Relax & Reset Retreat this autumn?

Chill out in the Sunshine and practice  the principles to help YOU Break Out, Break Through and Break Free of those thoughts, emotions & habits that are making your life harder, duller and darker than it needs to be.



I believe life is far too short to spend it STRUGGLING through every day!


There's never enough time to take care of you, as you juggle parents, kids, work, home, so your stress levels keep rising and your 'healthy eating' plan is about as hit & miss as a good nights sleep right?


Do you look in the mirror and want to cry sometimes?

Because the refection looking back at you  stares with dull, lifeless eyes,  as it takes in the added cellulite, the increased inches round the hips, the saggy dry skin and every extra roll round the middle,?

Do you find yourself asking "Is this it? Is this all I can expect of my body from now on?"

Uncontrollable mood swings,  hot flushes, extra weight, vaginal dryness and feeling about as sexy as a dishcloth most of the time?


Do you find yourself asking "Is this it?"

Have you found yourself turning to a doctor, some pills or a quick Fix program & found any brief change doesn't last? 

Is illness, restriction or physical pain making you feel older than your years and you are just exhausted by life, this retreat is for you!

Do you find yourself asking "Is this it? Am I just supposed to live with the pain, discomfort, restriction and weakness from now on?"


Or may be you just feel so tired, fed up and unmotivated to move, laugh, sing, dance that you wonder "Whats the point" and then convince yourself its not that bad really as everyone else is in the same boat?



If you keep on addressing your health, your relationships, your money, your body and your confidence the way you have been,  it may very well be that this is as good as it gets, but I know thats not true and you wouldn't still be reading if you thought this was it!


After all, as the saying goes, If Nothing Changes Then Nothing Changes, right?


Now is your opportunity to change things to fully focus on YOU!


How it did get to this? How did you lose Yourself, your Figure & your Health?

Social conditioning of Roles, and our own conditional, unwritten expectations of ourselves and others.

We grow up and watch how our parents behave around us and each other, we pick up the 'rules' of the roles of being a Mum, Daughter, Sister, Father, Brother, Breadwinner, Homemaker and without even realising it we replicate them in our own lives (even though we swore we wouldn't, we have morphed into our parents!)


We put these crazy conditions on what we find acceptable in ourselves and others and we don't question if thats really what we want or what works for us.


What do I mean?


Things like what we 'should' weigh, how often we 'ought to' have sex, how many children we 'must' have, what job or career we are 'expected to' excel in.


We then build our daily lives around the strive and struggle to conform, to the musts, should & ought to's, and we add to that strive and struggle by comparing ourselves and our lives with every one elses'!



Being stuck in your 'usual routine' makes it very hard to instigate all the changes you need to make to SEE and FEEL a difference in yourself & your health


Knowing what you need to do, and actually doing it are often totally different things!


Time, stress, too many things to do and no time to work out how to plan, prioritise or structure what you can do differently, so you end up more exhausted and more stressed, with less energy and not enough day left at the end of the day to look after you.

That will change fast...



You can choose to participate in a 5 Day Relax & Reset Program

You can be:

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Walking in nature
  • Reading on your balcony
  • Meditating in the tree house
  • Socialising in the bar


You get to be in a place externally,  where you can do what you like when you like; and internally you get to listen to your inner being, your intuition and your soul.



The key to healing your body & mind and slow down the aging process, is to give yourself the space & time to practice listening to your body, your intuition and becoming aware of how you FEEL physically and emotionally and to try doing things differently in a space where it feel safe to just give it a go




September 18th - 22th 2019


Sedir Resort Dalyan, Turkey

You get to choose your room

Single rooms, shared rooms & suites are all available.


Whats not included:


Drinks in the resort


What is included

Daily Hiit & Pilates Classes

Daily Coaching session

Turkish Bath

Trip to the Natural mineral spring & mud bath

Boat trip to the beach

Breakfast &  Dinner in resort

Cost £1500


Coaching sessions  cover nutrition to heal your gut, meal timing, hydration, movement, exercise, blood sugar balance, stress & sleep to reset hormone and mange weight and energy.

You will leave with a personal plan to follow plus 1 month of weekly follow up coaching calls


If you are the kind of person who feels life should be easier as you get older.

If you are tired out and fed up of feeling tired out and fed up.

If you are exhausted from trying every quick fix or fad that just doesn't seem to work for you

If you know what to do, you just can't seem to muster the motivation to do it

If you want to love your body and finally be comfortable in it instead of feeling its conspiring against you!


If you want a 'done for you quick fix' handed to you with an instruction book and money back guarantee

If you are not willing to participate in activities and be open to trying new things

If you are a person who needs data and proof of every idea and concept before you are willing to give it a try

If you are a person who doesn't like a structure to their day

If you're a person who 'knows it all' and wants to tell everyone else why their way is the 'best' way

If you just want a holiday to sit around and drink and eat what you like when you like

Vicky xx

If you KNOW is just what you need please get in touch 07986132765