Introducing the Paleo-Mediterranean recipe book!

This recipe book is chock full of simple recipes that take the best elements of both the Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet to give you recipes that delight your taste buds and your body.



Did you know the average British family eat the same SIX meals, week in week out!

We all get used to our usual weekly routine and buying the same foods again and again in our weekly shop, but this means we could well be missing out on the nutrients that our body's need.

Over time this can led to deficiency in one mineral or vitamin which can create all kind of issues when it comes to cellular function and disease prevention.


VARIETY is the spice of life & health

To avoid inflammation and to keep your gut microbiome in balance so your brain, nervous system and cells function well we need to eat an array of different foods each week.

Why not add some variety into your weekly recipe repertoire and ensure you get the diversity of foods that will keep your gut bacteria and hormones happy at the same time as your taste buds by grabbing your copy of my new recipe book.

Its is fully electronic, which means, instead of having to scroll through the whole document to find the recipe you want, simply click on it in the recipe listing at the very beginning of the book.

All the recipes are low in grains, gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugary the 5 main inflammatory foods we can consume, and the majority are free of all of them.

Making this recipe book ideal for anyone with an autoimmune issue, diabetes, heart disease or who is recovering from surgery or cancer treatment.


Yours in health and great food...

Vicky xx