Feelings affect your mood & mood affects your food choices

But then the food choices also affect how you feel, which then affects your mood and you find yourself craving the very foods that 'make you' feel good temporarily but then leave you tired, moody and unmotivated!

Its a cycle that leads to weight gain, often as fat around the middle and a lack of energy that seems to get worse as you get older.

If this how you are lliving right now and want to stop, but dont know how, this workshop is designed for you.


I know first hand how easy it is to reach out for food as a quick energy boost or as a 'treat' when you have finished a demanding task or chore you have been putting off.

We all associate certain food with feeling good and celebrations:-

Jelly & ice cream at kids parties, then afternoon tea & cake or biscuits when you get home from school,  then decadent desserts, chocolates, wine and champagne as an adult.

Its when these foods become a daily habit instead of a rare treat that weight and health issues begin to appear.

We begin to 'use' them as a distraction or we eat them mindlessly while watching TV or on the computer.

Thing is they work! They DO lift your mood BUT they are addictive and this is where trying to rely on WILLPOWER is NOT the way to go

In the workshop

I help you discover ways to break your habits.

We look the the powerful mood & food connection and the life issues that affect your mood


You get to dive deep into your personal food-mood connections and together we work out the best way for YOU to change things.

This workshop is design to help you take the focus off food and weight onto FEELING good

To show you how simple it can be to make small changes in thinking and your internal dialogue to bring about results that you may have been chasing unsuccessfully for years

And to help you re-claim your confidence in your body, yourself and your health.

In addition

We debunk the 'fad diets' look at why dieting is doomed to fail you (its not your fault honestly, dieting does not work!)

What does work

And the 5 simple steps to devise a way of eating and relating to food that takes away the guilt and shame around certain habits and allows you to explore what will help you feel good about your body, feel confident around food and re-gain a healthy relationship with it


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