In pain, struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and using food, drink or both to 'get through' the day.Hardly recognising the woman they see in the mirror anymore and feeling life is passing them by, these are the  main reasons women seek help from me as a lifestyle, health & wellness coach.


These are strong, caring, capable & intelligent women, juggling work, parents, kids  & the family home.


In fact these are the women we often look at and admire, people who seem to 'have their shit together' and we often say to them “I don’t know how you do it” Yet inside they feel lost, out of control, anxious and taken for granted.


When it comes to looking after themselves and their health, they are always at the bottom of the to do list!


I see so many women present themselves one way to the world but confide in me that really, inside they feel powerless, stuck & miserable.


They are often sandwiched between looking after older ailing parents and young adults. Being taxi driver to doctors and hospital appointments one minute, picking up their kids after midnight at bars or clubs and in between running the home and a business!


It’s hardly surprising then, that they feel worn out and worried about health issues that seem to be cropping up one after the other.

By the time they come to me when the realise that doing things their way isn't working and they don't want to spend the rest of their days taking medications and struggling to achieve:-

  • A slimmer. firmer body
  • A flatter, less bloated  tummy
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • A Clearer head
  • Better memory
  • More energy and motivation
  • A glimmer of hope that there has to be more to life than this!


It doesn’t make sense at first, when they ask how does coaching work and I say we just chat by phone or online.


After all what can a chat with me do?




During a chat I help you to explore your true feelings and emotions about your current roles and ways in which you can begin to nurture yourself as much as you do everyone else.


Through conversation we can discover what has been holding you back from doing things to take care of your health and yourself.


I won’t tell you what to do or judge you.


I will listen and ask questions that will mean you have to get honest and begin to find your truth from within yourself.


I may make suggestions that may seem a bit “Woo woo” or far too simple to possibly make any difference, (the little things always make the biggest differences) and I will ask you to start listening to your body, your physical sensations as well as your ‘gut instincts’ or intuition.

But I will NEVER treat you like a child and tell you what you ‘Must, Should or Have to’ do.


I will encourage you to complete tasks that will help you make some really positive changes in your daily habits

But I will never tell you to use ‘will power’ or to ‘just get on with it’



I will help you to unravel your unhelpful ‘hand-me-down’ beliefs that are stuck in your current thinking and behaviour patterns and get you to delve into your own mind to begin to define, refine & trust in your new helpful ones.

But I will never ask you to just hope, pray and wish them away or repeat affirmations in an attempt to change your thinking and habits.


A coaching relationship is built on truth & trust and that mutual desire for you to get the outcome you want.

Which requires a commitment from you to do the small tasks I will set at the end of our calls

But I won’t leave you alone to struggle and will check in to see if you need any more help in between and to keep you focused.



I coach with compassion and sometime I do give you a poke in the ribs to remind you why you have chosen to make your health & happiness a priority,

My clients tell me that they feel more confident in themselves, how they speak to other people and handle relationships. They have a sense of empowerment and a belief in themselves that they have never experienced before.


There is no fast fix to transformation but you can slow yourself down by  NOT having some kind of strategy to follow.

I work on the premise that one approach DOES NOT fit all.

We are all as unique as our DNA and that includes how we think, feel & behave.

So I base all my coaching on principles, not set methods.


A R T 





We always start with where you are and whats keeping you there, then look at where you want to be & what obstacles are stopping you getting there.

I guide you and help you see and hear things in a different way, but I don't do it for you. You are the architect of your own life, I just assist with the engineering!


As they continue to work with me and get to truly understand how their body, gut, mind, hormones emotions and behaviour are all linked my clients conclude their coaching time with me in a happier health body that isn’t dependent on medications or ‘fast fix junk’ food to keep it going,

Along with a feeling of energy, joy, childlike curiosity and excitement in what the future has in store.


If this sounds like exactly what you want and you are willing to step into your powerful femininity I may be the person for you.

Vicky xx


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I am 100% committed to encouraging my clients to get curious about their true feelings, wants and desires so they can discover what lights them up and brings them joy.

I strive to draw them towards their  playful, excited childlike fearlessness and try now ways of being, thinking and doing. After all we never know 'til we have a go, right?

I refuse to allow them to be defeated by the outcome not being as they had expected, but rather help them to realise they are embracing the FUN side of discovering what does and does not suit them and their lifestyle, what brings them joy and what really doesn't.






I promise my clients that my approach will be tailored around their current desires, beginning where they are right now and progressing at pace that feels good.  Our sessions will flow naturally rather than follow some pre-determined agenda.

I strive to create the space for them to tune into their own intuition or gut instinct,  to be able to learn to listen to the signs and signals their body and mind is giving them and workout what they mean for them.

I refuse to allow my clients to fall into the trap of comparisons with others or societal norms. I will never to push them when they need space or hold them back when they are ready to race.






I am 100% committed to creating space for my clients to express their feelings, worries and fears without criticism or judgement as this is  the one thing they rarely if ever allow themselves.

I strive to help them realise their wants and needs are just as important as everyone elses' and that only by giving themselves permission to open up fully and tune into themselves will they be able to feel empowered to make the changes they need to make to get the body, health, happiness and confidence they seek.

I refuse to let my clients ignore their intuition or self-care and dismiss their desires as selfish.


Next Steps...

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