In this practical self-help guide,I invite you to discover how easily you can break out, break through and break free of those things that are making your life harder, duller and darker than it should be.


Problems with habits, hormones, sleep, stress, food & exercise are all covered, as well as suggested solutions and case studies from real women who have regained their body confidence, health & happiness.


No BS, no gimmicks, no fads, no fast fixes. This book is jam-packed full of simple ways you can change how you think, feel & act and get results fast.

Because life is far too short to spend it STRUGGLING through every day!

Having struggled with an increase in weight & belly fat, aches, pains, energy highs and lows and fearing I was suffering depression as well as heading for diabetes & heart problems.

I knew I had to find out exactly what was going on with my body & mind, find alternatives and my own solutions rather than just accept the offer of anti-depressants and the reassurance from my GP that my blood tests were 'normal', when I felt anything but normal!

As a fitness professional specialising in fat loss, health & wellbeing and having seen the devastating side effects of conventional medication and relying on tablets in my parents and clients I wasn't going down the road of popping pills.  Deep down I knew it wasn't the menopause or 'my age' that was to blame.

Getting older should mean MORE fun and opportunity to enjoy life, not less!


Lots of study, going really deep into digestive health & the brain, hormones, stress, exercise, natural ways to heal plus some serious honesty with myself was required.

Then being open and willing to try different ways to improve my mindset and habits; some worked for me, some didn't, some were fun to do but hard to keep up.

In this book I go through all the areas I worked on to turn my health & quality of life around it opens you to look at changing things in an easier way, not because you feel you HAVE TO, bout because you WANT TO.

I have written it in such a way as to help you start to make some changes for yourself. Not as a 'follow these rules' program, but more of a 'Hey, give this a try, it may be fun and it may work for you. kind of a way.

After  what worked for me may not help you one iota! One plan most certainly does NOT fit all!

This book gives you suggestions as a list of options for you to try, and why they may work,  along with some mindset 'exploration' that you can do to make implementing the practical suggestions easier for you.


It begins by looking at yourself and what is keeping you stuck, as you can read for yourself if you download chapter one below


I explain the connection between, stress, sleep the stories you tell yourself & your gut, brain and hormones

then I lay out how you can  make some really simple changes, that could give you amazing results, quickly.

My hope is that by reading this book you can see how YOU could feel happier, confident & healthier without relying on a prescription or an unsustainable diet or exercise program.

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