About me


I didn’t set out to be a coach, originally, I was more interested in exercise & fitness classes for losing weight and changing shape.

Initially is seemed enough to create a training program for clients to follow based on them doing some form of exercise 5-6 days a week. But what I found was either they didn’t have the time to train that often or if they did they weren’t getting the results they hoped for as quickly as they wanted.

Thats when I began to research the importance of the foods they were eating, how much and how often.

By adding in meal plans along with the training plan they were getting better results in a shorter time, but people were still struggling to stay with it long term after the initial enthusiasm and determination of the first 2-3 weeks wore off, they would begin to revert back to old eating habits and start missing workouts

When I asked what was the ‘sticking point’ they said it was too hard to fit everything in with their work, family & social life and their will power went out of the window at weekends!

So, I set about learning more about habit change, willpower, nutrition & addictive foods. The science of fat loss as opposed to just weight loss, hormones, the gut & brain connection and how certain medications could make things harder both physically & emotionally.


The result was a much more personalised approach to fit around individual food preferences, and a hormone friendly diet. I took into account time available to train, allowing time and space to  relax at weekend to allow for a social life.

Shorter more intense sessions were the way exercise wise and this was definitely getting better results for people.

But even though many clients were following the plan to the letter their results would taper off after a while. Often family issues  illness or pain would hamper their progress.  Age related hormone changes, illness and injuries were cropping up time and again and my clients were not getting much (if any) relief from medications or quick fixes


As I was Struggling with the same issues as my clients weight gain around my middle, feeling tired out but not sleeping well and having unexplained aches and niggles I began to experiment with all kinds of different methods and protocols to help me (some were fun for a short time some were not!)

Eventually I realised LIFESTYLE Sleep, stress & blood sugar management were the keys and going down the coaching route was crucial to my clients achieving the healthier, fitter body they wanted as well as a reduction in muscle and joint pain, less belly fat & more energy.


Since I have taken the “Lifestyle is Medicine” approach I can offer specific guidance to my clients and help them to make lasting changes that mean they don’t need to ‘go on a diet’ ever again.


My clients have finally lost the weight they have been battling with for years and kept it off. Increased their confidence, self-worth and fitness so much so that they have changed jobs, left destructive relationships, gone on adventure holidays and  tried out physical  activities like windsurfing and mountain hiking that they had convinced themselves they were too old to do!


What I love most about coaching is being able to invite curiosity, inspire & encourage my clients to get honest with themselves and take responsibility for their health and happiness. I love the fact that I get to help them to truly believe in themselves, to watch them grow in confidence, transform their lives and start thriving rather than just surviving.

I work on the THRIVE principles which are:


T  houghts & Beliefs

H  ealing & Hydration

R  rest & Digest

I  internal language

V  alues & Boundaries

E nergy & emotion



Those 6 principles are the hidden 'secret' to Health & Happiness

They help us to ditch Expectations keep us stuck in 'must, should & have to' and don't allow us to get curious and discover what we actually CAN do and Curiosity makes changing habits and living a great life doable and FUN!

I also believe there is an ART to health, wellness & transformation in all areas of life

A wareness

R esponsibility

T aking action

Most people begin with the taking action part first and wonder why they cannot stick at the their new habits.


Is helping clients to see that by missing out the first 2 parts of ART, the Awareness & Responsibility around their thoughts, emotions and their body's signals that all is not well,  they end up relying on medications and 'quick fixes' that make them fatter, sicker and unhappier than before!

As a coach I help you to see things you cannot see for yourself, and discover things you didn't know about how you feel & think, so that YOU can make the changes you truly want to make, not the ones you think you should, the challenge is giving yourself 'permission' to get that help.

My aim is to help you ditch the people pleasing and fitting into a stereotypical role, the 'fast fixes' that leave you feeling exhausted and the medication that gives you even worse side effects than the issue they were meant to heal!

My challenge is getting you to see you are VALUABLE enough to find yourself, define yourself and finally feel Healthy, Happy, Comfortable and Confident being YOU!

Vicky xx

If you would like to work with me I'd love to know a bit more about you so please complete an application form HERE




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